Contemporary History: Connect Kids with the Presidential Campaigns

Take advantage of the news reports regarding the Iowa caucuses to share the stories of American presidential campaign history with young people. Discover which candidate was elected unanimously, which race gave birth to “mudslinging,” whose idea it was to court celebrities for presidential endorsements, and MORE in “Persuading the People: Presidential Campaigns” on the NCBLA’s … Continued

Great Reads Spotlight: NIKKI GRIMES

What GREAT READ does author and poet NIKKI GRIMES recommend for young people? Karma by Cathy Ostlere.Read why here. And be sure to check out the NCBLA’s complete list of GREAT READS recommendations here. Also, have fun scrolling through our author and illustrator photo gallery on the home page. Simply click the left and right … Continued

Help Young People Analyze Campaign Rhetoric

Keep an open mind…Ask questions…Cross check the information…these are just a few steps voters should take when considering the positions of a political candidate. As we get closer to the Iowa caucuses and the NH primary, engage your kids in the presidential campaigns and help them sort FACT from FICTION. READ MORE on the NCBLA’s … Continued

GREAT READS for Holiday Gift Buying

A GREAT READ is the hilarious picture book you asked your dad to read, “Again!” and “Again!” A GREAT READ is the paperback you tucked inside your open geography textbook, risking your teacher’s wrath, because you couldn’t wait to find out what happened in the next chapter. A GREAT READ is the book that you … Continued

Welcome to the NCBLA’s New Website and Blog!

Our new website is streamlined, redesigned, user friendly, and now, up and running! Have fun exploring the anchor of our new site, our Great Reads author gallery! We know families and teachers are always looking for Great Reads for their kids, so we decided to ask some experts —authors and illustrators who daily create their … Continued

Happy New Year! Resolve to Read to Your Kids

In this new year, why not make a point to read more to your kids? You will all benefit while enjoying lovely family time together. For authoritative guidance on finding just the right book for you child, from newborns to young adults, check out our article “Tips from a Book Critic for Selecting Great Books.” … Continued