1893-1897DemocratMarch 18, 1837, in Caldwell, New YorkJune 24, 1908, in Princeton, New Jersey
Vice PresidentFirst LadyPrevious OccupationsStates in Union
Adlai E. StevensonFrances Folsom Cleveland (Wife)Teacher, Lawyer, U.S. President45


Cleveland’s parents were Richard Falley and Anne Neal Cleveland. Cleveland married Frances Folsom in the White House in 1886. They had five children: Ruth, Esther, Marion, Richard Folsom, and Francis Grover.


Just two weeks into Cleveland’s second term, the stock market crashed and initiated a severe economic depression that lasted four years. Many Americans became unemployed. Wage disagreements and layoffs often resulted in violent conflicts between workers and their employers. Though Cleveland generally advocated for little government intervention, he did send armed federal troops to help curb a railroad strike that was threatening mail delivery in Chicago in 1894.

Because his economic policies were mostly unpopular, the Democratic Party did not nominate Cleveland for a third term.


“Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote.”

At This Time

1893: Henry Ford builds his first car • The longest recorded boxing fight occurs in New Orleans • The Chicago World’s Fair opens • 1895: The first professional football game is played in Pennsylvania • 1896: The Nobel Prize system is implemented for contributions in Physics, Physiology and Medicine, Chemistry, Literature, and Peace • Giacomo Puccini’s opera La Boheme premiers in Turin, Italy • The hydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls opens • The first modern Olympics is held in Athens

Did You Know?

A doctor discovered a cancerous tumor in the roof of Cleveland’s mouth in 1893, but the president chose not to disclose his condition to the public in order to prevent the country’s bleak economic situation from escalating. While the public thought Cleveland was taking a vacation, a team of five doctors and a dentist successfully removed a portion of Cleveland’s jaw and palate and fitted him with an artificial jaw made of rubber––all while cruising on a yacht off the shores of Manhattan. Cleveland and his doctors were able to maintain complete secrecy about the operation until after his death.

By the time Cleveland left office, he was very unpopular and retired to New Jersey apparently regretting his fall from confidence. One day a friend visited Cleveland and left his dog outside. The dog, however, discovered another door and walked right over to Cleveland. When his friend tried to remove the dog, Cleveland remarked, “No, let him stay. He at least likes me.”

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Field Trips for Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland Birthplace Historic Site
Caldwell, New Jersey

The president was born in this house while his father was pastor of the nearby First Presbyterian Church. Open to the public, it is furnished faithful to 1837 and features some artifacts dating to the time of Cleveland’s occupancy.

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