BLUE QUOTE Maguire OWH 14 and 12

The story of the White House is America’s story.

Whether your ancestors walked over land, sailed the seas, or flew through clouds to get here; whether they came freely seeking refuge from tyranny or persecution, were brought here in manacles or chains, or came looking for adventure; whether they just arrived yesterday, or have been here for thousands of years, the story of Our White House is your story, too.

Looking In, Looking Out
Read Gregory Maguire’s expanded poetic metaphor about the White House aloud to young people and discuss it together.

Staking Claim
Poet Nikki Grimes celebrates First Lady Patricia Nixon’s opening of the White House to the deaf and blind in 1969 by exploring the first visit of blind students.

Memory of the White House
Author Susan Cooper recalls and contrasts two separate visits to the White House.

A Taste of the Past: White House Kitchens, Menus, and Recipes 
White House kitchens, foods, and menus offer pleasing appetizers to a historical feast!

The White House Library: A Twice Told Tale
Several presidents and first ladies possessed a passion for books and libraries. Read the two-tiered story of their efforts to create a library collection in the White House.

Lions and Snakes and Bears, Oh My! Wild Animals at the White House
The White House isn’t just the home of our president and his family. Going all the way back to Thomas Jefferson, the White House has been the home for many animals too.

The Oval Office: The World’s Most Famous Office
The most famous office in the world was not constructed until over one hundred years after the White House was first built.

The Resolute Desk: A Gift of Peace
The story of how a ship sent on an Arctic expedition ended up at the White House.

Knock, Knock! Whoooo’s There? Spooky Stories from Children of the White House
Delight in stories of frightful and fun ghost encounters experienced by children in the White House!

Stress Relief: Exercise and Relaxation at the White House
It’s not all work at the White House—presidents find time to have fun and relax, too.

Presidents, the President’s House, and More
A Select List of Books (and a Few Web Sources) for Children and Young Adults

Grand Champions of the White House
Christmas tree farmers across America compete to grow the “Grand Champion” to be selected to adorn the White House each holiday season. 

Our National Christmas Tree
Each December the National Christmas Tree is dressed in holiday splendor as a beacon of beauty and brilliance.