July 1805, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


August 23, 1887, in Nashville, Tennessee


Emily Donelson, the niece of Andrew Jackson’s deceased wife, served as White House hostess upon his inauguration in 1829. However, following Emily’s onset of tuberculosis in 1836, Jackson asked his nephew’s wife, 31-year-old Sarah Yorke Jackson, to serve as White House hostess for the remainder of his term to 1837. Sarah had already assisted Emily on many occasions, so she was well-acquainted with the job. At the end of Jackson’s second term, Sarah was particularly helpful to Jackson by assuming the responsibility of packing and shipping everything he had accumulated and stored at the White House during his eight years as president. Subsequently, Sarah and her family returned with Jackson to the family plantation––the Hermitage––in Nashville, where Sarah continued to supervise the household and entertainment duties.

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