The second chapter of Our White House, “Part II. Struggling to Stand,” casts a sharp eye on the War of 1812 through both fiction and nonfiction, offering a wide array of informative illustrations. In Part II you can read about our early presidents’ relationships with Native Americans, delight in a short story about President Andrew Jackson written from the perspective of Davy Crockett, and learn how President William Henry Harrison solved the problem of not having fresh milk at the White House.

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The table of contents for Part II of Our White House is listed below. To the right of each article or illustration title, in the “Read More” column, are links to relevant, supplemental content on this website to help you expand the educational potential of the book’s contents.

Table of ContentsRead More
Illustration by Wendell Minor
The White House Prepares for War: 1812
by Ralph Ketcham
The Burning of the White House
by Susan Cooper
Dolley Madison Rescues George Washington
written and illustrated by Don Brown
The First White House Memoir: 1865
by Paul Jennings
illustrated by R. Gregory Christie
Another All-American Girl
by Meg Cabot
From the Walls of the White House
by Kathleen Krull
illustrated by Robert Byrd
Presidential Fact Files: James Monroe
Visiting the Great Father
by Joseph Bruchac
illustrated by Max Grafe

Sneaking Into Adams Field
by Michael Winerip

Andy and Me
by Marguerite W. Davol
illustrated by Tom Pohrt

The White House Cow
by Richard Peck
illustrated by Barry Root